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"I just like living here, I came for a week to see what it's like and I loved it and never left. It's the beauty and peace and quiet I love."

Latest CQC inspections

The atmosphere at the home was relaxed and welcoming. We saw numerous instances of caring and supportive interactions during our inspection.

"I love working here, it's the first time for me working in this environment and I am really enjoying it."

"It is lovely, it's like a home from home."

"[Registered manager] guides me through a lot of things, I feel happy and respected massively."

"It is the best place I have ever worked, the boss is so tuned in to what is happening and interested in how we are doing as people as well as staff."

"The managers, owners and our vision is all about the residents and staff, our manifesto is to have a person centred environment. This is their home where they rest, feel safe and secure, everyone is welcome and both residents and staff are happy."

"I am really happy with the changes we have done so far such as setting up the Residents’ kitchen for more independence, freedom and choice. Also getting Wi-Fi installed, this has benefited both staff for training and residents for things like online shopping."

“I have got a lot of independence and I care for myself. I like living here it is a good thing, everyone is sociable and friendly.”

Relatives and staff felt confident they could raise any issues should the need arise and that action would be taken as a result.

"The training is really good, we are always on the ball and I enjoyed all of them.”

"I find the supervisions are good and supportive, we discuss what we have learnt and what training is needed. We also get feedback so see how they [management] see you, what they expect of you and how we see them."

"It is lovely living here, the staff are lovely and kind and understand me"

"It is smashing here the best one [home] there is."

"I just like living here, I came for a week to see what it's like and I loved it and never left. It's the beauty and peace and quiet I love."

Staff we spoke with were complimentary about the leadership and management of the service. Comments included, "The manager is very supportive, easy to talk to and if there is a problem they are there"

"The culture here is to provide a homely, friendly environment. For staff and residents to be happy and it's a nice place to live … The company values are that residents are to be happy and cared for."

Residents to CQC inspectors 2015

“I have been very unwell and this is a place to become well again.”

“It’s nice at Miltoun. There are lots of nice people to talk to. It’s a nice warm place to come home to.”

“Everyone makes you feel safe here.”

“I couldn’t be helped by more caring people.”

“The staff are really good and this is a good place to be.”

To each resident you have been more than a owner... a true friend to all of us - resident 2014

I have my own room for privacy, a lovely room, a choice of holidays and good food and it's the best place to live and I have a nice bedroom.

I like living here, I enjoy my life, it's my home and the other people who live here are my friends.

I like it here, I feel safe and I know I am being cared for. I have my own freedom, my own bedroom, and a key for my own room.

People who lived at the service felt that they were involved in decisions about the service and that their views were listened to. CQC 2014 (Brunswick House)

"I haven’t looked back since I came here". Resident speaking to CQC inspectors 2013 (MIltoun House)

We found that people had their needs assessed and that care plans were in place. All the people we spoke with were very satisfied with the service they received and they were treated with dignity and respect by the staff. CQC 2013 (Miltoun House)

People we spoke with told us that they felt cared for by skilled and knowledgeable staff. CQC 2013 (Miltoun House).

All the people we spoke with were very satisfied with the service they received and we saw they were treated with dignity and respect by the staff. CQC 2013 (Hinton Lodge)

The atmosphere in the home was warm and friendly and we saw lots of positive interaction between staff and people who used the service. We observed staff supporting people in a kind and gentle manner and assisting them to make decisions when people asked for help. CQC 2013 (Hinton Lodge)

"The staff are all really nice, they are respectful and you can talk to any of them if you have any problems.” Resident at speaking to CQC inspectors 2013 (Arran House)

Staff to CQC inspectors 2015

“If anything comes to our attention and the owners are very, very good at putting things right.”

“We have always been encouraged to speak up if we were unhappy about anything.”

The care staff we spoke with told us there was a long standing and stable staff team working at the home. One staff member said this was because they “were very well treated”.

I have been privileged to have been a part of the team for the last 23 years... I have loved every minute of it and wish you well for the future - retiring staff member 2014

There are good communication systems and all staff training is kept up to date. I continue to take pride in my work with residents, staff and all members of the professional teams to provide a happy and supported environment.

Staff during the inspection ... told us that they felt well supported and that they had received regular supervision and an annual appraisal. ... “We get plenty of training and the managers are very supportive.” We found that staff received appropriate professional development and were supported through supervision and appraisal. CQC 2013 (Hinton Lodge)

External professionals to CQC inspector 2015

“They are a strong staff team who create a supportive & homely environment..”

“[Resident] thrives in that more caring environment".