Miltoun House Group

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Miltoun House Group
"It is lovely living here, the staff are lovely and kind and understand me" "It is smashing here, the best one [home] there is."

All four of our Homes are located within a short walking distance of each other and the centre of Guisborough. Guisborough is a transport “hub” with bus services passing through from all of the East Cleveland villages into Teesside. All the Homes have established relationships with local taxi companies and transport is provided where possible by the Homes for e.g. hospital appointments, group activities and outings.

The Homes are maintained to a high standard, each having its own annual development plan which is agreed with both staff and residents.

The client group within the Homes is restricted to those who are relatively mobile; there are therefore, no additional facilities such as lifts or special arrangements for wheelchairs etc.

The quality of the service that we provide is based on the highly committed staff team, many of whom have been with us for many years, the training and support that they receive.  We are fortunate that across the Homes we have a strong management team that has developed the Group to the position we are now in.

Jackie Corner & Julie Wrighton - Registered Manager and Business Administrator